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Developing since 1840, Odenton was once the land that the steam railroad used to build their tracks that would help resources travel back and forth across the state of Maryland. As so often happened, a town was built around it, which would later be named Odenton after the name of a Governor of Maryland, Oden Bowie. Because of its start with the railroad, the town was of nicknamed as “The town that the railroad built”. After the railroad died out, however, Odenton continued to grow and developed in the bustling city center that we know today. 

The population of Odenton is now over 37 000 people, and in 10 years, the population has jumped approximately 80% from its previous standing at 20,000. The city continues to expand and develop as more people move in. Many feel that the growth in the population is due to the fact that Odenton is fairly close to the Fort George G Meade NSA headquarters which are located in Annapolis (a mere 15 minutes away). Additionally, Odenton is also close to both Baltimore and Washington DC.

Odenton, as a result, is a largely residential city that is constantly expanding in its home construction. It's popular place to live and work when you are in the field of real estate or home construction. Odenton is also a great place for Pro-Built Lawns and Fences to make a home in terms of the clients that they serve. With all of the properties popping up, both professional lawn service as well as having access to a fence company has become more popular. As a result, Pro-Built Lawns and Services is happy to serve those who are looking to keep their properties in great shape and health.

While other larger cities are certainly more popular in terms of important things going on, the Piney Orchard Arena in Odenton was once the main practicing hall of the Washington Capitals ice hockey team. 

Odenton is home to the Academy Junction Plaza Shopping Center as well as the Odenton Shopping Center. Popular amongst all of those interested in the NSA, the National Cryptologic Museum is conveniently located so that the public can learn about the history and the evolution of code making. It is a popular area for many dignitaries to visit when they are in the Odenton area.

Well-loved for its greenery and good property maintenance in the residential areas, Odenton is a great match for the work ethic and great results that Pro-Built Lawns and Fences can offer the people who call Odenton home.