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Choosing the right company for your lawn service is as simple as trusting us at Pro-Built Lawns and Fences to help you make your yard the best version of itself possible. Based in Dunkirk, MD, Pro-Built Lawns and Fences will help you take excellent care of your property in terms of health and feel with the three services that we offer:
●    Lawn care
●    Fencing
●    Insect Control

Working with mostly residential properties, you are looking in the right place if you need your services in lawn care, Dunkirk, MD. You'll find professional services where the man you meet is the man who does your work, offering a personalized understanding. Pro-Built Lawns and Fences is a small, family-run business with over 20 years of combined experience.

Our employees are dedicated to giving you the perfect lawn service experience by explaining the different kinds of treatments that we offer and making sure that you are getting the care that you are looking for. Pro-Built Lawns and Fences offers superior service in terms of the following:
●    lawn care at the perfect times throughout the season to be the most effective
●    personal and professional service without a middle man
●    clear communication on the services that they offer and what they entail

Pro-Built Lawns and Fences also offers services in lawn care, Dunkirk, MD to commercial properties. Past customers include TruGreen, and Pro-Built Lawns and Fences is currently providing property care to Andrew's Air Force Base.

Pro-Built Lawns and Fences also serves as a fence company, offering fence installation in wood, vinyl and aluminum. These three choices will each offer you all of the variety you are looking for in fencing materials. If you are unsure of what you are looking for, we would be happy to help you get the right fencing for your yard. As a fence company, we will be able to successfully and professionally do a fence installation for you so that you know you're getting a good product and that it is going to be installed properly by the same professionals who gave you all of your information.

If you've worked with other fencing companies before, you know that there is often a team of individuals who are responsible for doing tasks, but you'll get personal service with Pro-Built Lawns and Fences, where you deal with the same person all the way through the process for better proficiency.

Earning a 5 star rating on Home Advisor with over 130 customer reviews, we are proud to say that we learn from each service that we do with customers and always work to serve all customers with a positive and professional attitude. Safety is key as well. We have our MDA 30053 license as well as our MHIC 124466 license that complies with Maryland State Laws.

Whether you're looking for lawn service companies, fencing companies, or some aid in finding the right insect control services in Dunkirk, MD, Pro-Built Lawns and Fences is here to offer all that you're looking for. Give us a call today, or wander around the website to find some more information.