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As part of the Calvery County in Maryland, Huntingtown has a lot of the small charm that is always welcome in contrast to our often fast paced world. Pro-Built Lawns and Fences is a critical establishment in this town and coincides well with the intimate and friendly atmosphere. Named for the Hunting Creek, this is a small and picturesque town that is home to just under 2,500 people.

Huntingtown features many large estate homes, all recently built with the modern amenities that you would look for today. These serve as perfect places for Pro-Built Lawns and Fences to display their work in both lawn service as well as the different fencing options that they can offer the residents who are enjoying their lives here.

Huntingtown, MD is the home of Tom Clancy, the famous author of politically-based thriller novels that any of us have enjoyed in our libraries. It is also the home of Doug Hill, the ABC Channel 7 weatherman that most of us are familiar with in some form another. Last but not least, Huntingtown is also the home of baseball player, Harry Krause.

The length of long term residents in Huntingtown is higher than other towns in the state, and this really speaks to the beauty that you will find within the borders of this great place. There is a lot to be said in going for a Sunday drive and seeing all of the healthy lawns and properties that Pro-Built Lawns and Fences provides the clients living here. It creates the perfect environment for the young family or the retired couple looking for a quiet and community-based spot to call home, where the scenery really speaks wonders.

While this is a warm spot, Huntingtown has a beautiful town core that is perfect for photographers and videographers hoping to get their “one in a million” shot. There is a strong interest in both arts and culture and history, and while the town is sprawled out, it just gives you even more beautiful greenery to admire. Perfectly placed, Huntingtown, MD is still close enough to the Washington DC area that all of the big cities lures are right around the corner while still holding onto the small town charm that is loved by the residents who call it home.