Lawn Care Dunkirk MD

You'll find everything you need to know about the different features that are part of the lawn service that Pro-Built Lawns and Fences offer. From there, you can pick and choose what you're looking for in your property. These are all part of a seven step system or part of your custom lawn care program:
●    Lime application
●    Crabgrass and weed control (x2)
●    Grub and insect control
●    Slow-release fertilization
●    Summer stress and weed treatment
●    Winterization and pre-greening

The first step when you are interested to know what lawn service can be offered under the umbrella of lawn care, Dunkirk, MD, is to get a free lawn evaluation to determine your lawns needs so we are able to give you a reasonable estimate.

Since this is a small, family-owned business, the person who comes out to assess your property will be the same one to apply the treatment, so the service is always personal and hands-on when it comes to your lawn service.

The lime application is applied in winter, during January or February and during this application, the PH level in the soil is adjusted (or maintained) to ensure the health of the soil. This will get it ready for the summer season. The crab and weed control is the second application, and this consists of a spray that will prevent weeds and contain a slow-release fertilizer that will help with weed control. This is applied in the early spring. The third application is the same as the second one and acts as a second dosage, enhancing its effect.

The grub and insect control application is applied to your lawn as the fourth application in early summer.  This will kill the larvae of any grubs that are trying to make a home in your yard, as well as eliminate the surface feeding insects that are infecting your greenery and any existing weeds will be treated at this time.

The fifth application is applied in late summer and this consists of slow release fertilizer with iron. This will help your lawn maintain it's color and health as well as treat any lawn weeds that are present. 

In early fall, the sixth application goes onto your property consisting of a slow-release fertilizer as well as an aid in treating weeds and helping the lawn recover from summer stress. Lastly, the seventh application goes on as a pre-green up and as a helper in preventing winter stress in your lawn. This is known as the winterizer application.

All of the applications and services that you are finding in the genre of lawn care, Dunkirk, MD are designed to work as part of a seven step process, but they are priced per application so that each person can choose which services they want and move forward accordingly. Pro-Built Lawns and Fences designs their lawn services so that the customer has control of what is applied to their property at all times. There is a discount for those who choose to prepay the full 7 step program, or this can be paid over the span of 12 months for maximum convenience.

Core aeration and power seeding are also an option for those who are looking to give their property a full makeover, and if you have questions or concerns about these procedures, you can ask about these during your property's assessment or contact us

Pro-Built Lawns and Fences uses state of the art equipment for all of their applications and uses products are all on the EPA approval list, making them safe for humans and pets alike. For all of your lawn care needs, Pro-Built Lawns and Fences is here to give you all of the best options for your property.