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Originally designed as a triangle, in which the three main roads will protect the busy center of the town, Crofton, MD is now home to around 27,000 people and has grown substantially since its birth. While many towns in Maryland were developed from what were originally towns built around the railroads, this is one that was planned out on paper and finalized before put into execution. In 1963, the land was given to the designers and the space was planned carefully to make the most of it.

It started out as an exclusive community in which the gates were closed and only certain people of a certain caliber were allowed in – it was a planned and organized city, after all – but now the gates remain open as a symbol of the town and nothing more.

Crofton has many subdivisions that make up the neighborhoods that have blossomed in this busy city. Even though it has been expanded on since its start from the plan, Crofton is still very well laid out and continues to be taken care of in terms of its caliber. Pro-Built Lawns and Fences plays its role in helping make sure that the properties stay green and healthy, ensuring a pretty curb-side view. This, amongst other things, has earned Crofton its spot on the list of “100 Best Places to Live”. This list said that it was great due to the fact that it was close to all of the biggest spots like Baltimore and Annapolis, but it still had a comfortable sense of anonymity, allowing families to live there comfortably.

Crofton has great school systems in place that allow for a great education in students of all ages, though overcrowding is now an issue for the schools that were built in the original plan are not big enough to take care of the large crowds that now call Crofton home. More school are in the works to help take the strain off of residents and students.

Linthicum Walks is one of the most famous landmarks that you can find in Crofton, and it is privately owned on land that was once a tobacco farm back in the early days. Another popular landmark is the Katcef Archaeological site. Popular people who call Crofton home are Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots, Peter Bondra who is a hockey player, and lastly filmmaker and Emmy Award nominee Steven Fischer.

With sweet neighborhoods and a classic city appeal, Crofton is the perfect place to consider for family living. Plus, with Pro-Built Lawns and Fences to help with your lawn service and fencing, you've got a great bundle in look as well as feel.