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Developed as a part of the railroad, Bowie made its start to life as a railroad town while the railroad itself was developed and finished to give a clean line through Maryland. In 1880, it was formally given the name of Bowie, named after the Colonel that was responsible for its establishments back in the earlier 1800s. The town officially got its status in 1916.

The town was split up even in its early days into residential areas. Today, these segments still exist and have been built upon. They serve as suburbs for the large cities that surround it. These residential areas are where Pro-Built Lawns and Fences is able to offer professional and friendly lawn service as well as fencing to those who require it. It has offered residents the chance to make sure that they are successfully keep up to the standards of health and safety.

Bowie is home to over 54,000 people, and both residential and commercial growth are still occurring at a fast rate that has new buildings being sprung up in many of the neighborhoods.

Bowie, MD has seen some notable people in its day. It is the home of both Eva Cassidy and JC Chassez, both singers that were popular in their respective times. Kathy Lee Gifford is also from Bowie and is known for her role as TV host as well as actress jobs. These people all call Bowie home in some way or another, and bring a claim to fame to this city. 

One of the many pop up living areas that surround Annapolis and Baltimore, this is often seen as more of a suburb of the larger paces, but it definitely has its own life and sustainability too, which can be seen with the developments going on in both the commercial world as well as in the school systems. This is considered the largest municipality in St. George County and is the third largest city in Maryland.

With all of those properties to maintain, Bowie residents call often on the lawn services that Pro-Built Lawns and Fences offer so that each home can have the best properties. This small family-owned business does well in offering their services to anyone who is looking for a way to keep their property looking the best possible while still having a say in the services that they can pick and choose. This comes together to create a great overall feeling of comfort and pride in Bowie, MD.